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2013-10-26 07:54:36 by TrojanMan87

Right now i am placing my game ideas on hold and going to focus on some family drama stuff. A member of the family has died doing some stupid crap. I may continue to post my artsy stuff on here though the rest of my time will be with family members. The custom zombie game will be put on hold. however if someone wants to take on the project feel free to pm me. I really don't have anything down yet just Ideas Some may be doable most will probably be "Are you Fucking High aint no way that could work!"

I may actually work on concept ideas for the levels backgrounds of the game which will be as detailed as i can muster ( or have the patience for).
Until then
feel free to comment, zerobomb, 5 bomb, or just simply stare at my junky creations. :P
One day Ill have a mascot cartoon sketched out (random thought)



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