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Anybody know how i can go about animating this image

2013-10-18 02:21:23 by TrojanMan87

So i created a sprite of a cyborg however i want the good people of newgrounds to see it in action with the game maker i was using it allows me to choose a frame rate at which it moves however I cant simply have it animated .

Anybody know how i can go about animating this image


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2013-10-18 04:13:17

Put it in flash, cut the image into pieces and place them on frames in the timeline. That will allow people to see it moving. But if you actually want to use it, you'll have to add it into a symbol. Just youtube search basic flash symbol tutorial =) goodluck.

TrojanMan87 responds:

thank you. this will definitely help.


2013-10-18 16:42:24

I made it into an animated gif. Not sure if you're still looking for help, but there you are!

TrojanMan87 responds:

Lol thanks. Ive managed to somewhat create a gif with flash though still learning. it. Yours looks a lot smoother than mine btw. :)


2013-10-26 04:36:21

What wynand said. If you want to use it in a movie/game though, better create a MovieClip (F8) and paste the character in that, one frame per image, and you'll have a loop within the animation.