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So Madness Day is coming up.

2013-09-21 00:00:04 by TrojanMan87

So I thought i would give it a whirl. The guy with the red goggles seemed to catch my attention more than the other characters from what little i have seen. Was wondering If any of you Madness fans could fill me in on the background story of that guy. I know he looks bad ass and i probably did him no justice.

So Madness Day is coming up.


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2013-09-21 04:32:06

Nice art!
also, he's called Hank btw...

TrojanMan87 responds:

Hank Got it :). So why is Hank so... Hanky?


2013-09-22 04:47:48

Happy madness day man :D

TrojanMan87 responds:

lol thanks. My first celebration too bad work doesn't see fit to count it as a holiday :P