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this is a quick thrown together basic map pieces  for one of the sky levels that will lead to the swamp world. lots of light cannons to fight off nightmare hords. we are also currently in need of good background artists as well as some animators for epic cutscenes like boss introductions and other animations for boss battles where the boss is actually part of the background. my map creativeness sucks and we could use all the help we can get. there will be kype meetings to get to know the rest of the team and what not. if interested please send me a message for our fourm link as well as what you are interested in doing. the game will most likely be free  so no profit however the next game assuming we make this one sucessfully there will be a mmorpg version where you can create your own hero boy girl. that will serve as a sequel of this boy 15 years from now. I plan of having epic exploreable worlds and killer new powers. but for now we want to make this game as epic as possible


Unscouted game progress.

2014-05-10 03:14:10 by TrojanMan87

hmm un scouted and no reason as to why.  oh well. as for the games progress. we are actually, finally doing something.  have a semi ok script, lots of concept art. a great programer. wonderful voice actors. and incredible music. soon things will be falling in to place and you can expect a demo very soon. hopefully.


Nightmare game update.

2014-02-24 11:37:19 by TrojanMan87

Right now we are focusing on finding animators and programmers that are looking for a fun challenge. along with other fun loving people that know a thing or two about game creation. we have a pretty good team however never hurts to have more talent

Come join a team for a wonderful game about a small child who finds himself trapped in a nightmare accompanied a smart mouthed teddybear.  they are set on a quest to defeat the nightmare king and will be free to wake up.

in this team there will be small contests with prizes (art on menue screen, voice for a role, bonus level put in game, special cutscene in game or your story in the game, ext ext) possible chance for other prizes outside of the game as well.


if interested please send me a message to join our forum and google drive page.

again we hope to work with you soon   





Project nightmare

2014-01-07 16:27:06 by TrojanMan87

Update. so far there is a group of four inclouding myself. working on the nightmare game. we are still in the beginning phase which is brain storming and concept work. would love to have more volunteers for this project. programmers, music, voice actors (maybe), animators, and other artists with fresh ideas for environments and the monsters that roam them.

at the moment we are thinking of doing a platform puzzle game with the style of limbo.

the story is of a small child with his teddy bear. trapped in a dream world over run by nightmares. in order for the kid to wake up he must push his way through a series of nightmares until he reaches the king of nightmares.

I am wanting to make this a combination of animated cut-scenes, gameplay, and epic music between ambiance and heavy hitting cinematic music.4759549_138912995311_Image14.png



thinking of a colaberation

2013-12-28 22:37:09 by TrojanMan87

this is just a random idea that has poped into my head for a while.

been thinking of a few game ideas however i suck and barely understand how any of it works.

i know a lot of games and movies take a lot of time and what not. 

one idea i have had is a game where you are a small child stuck in a dream world. basically a platform puzzel like game where you are trying to wake up from grusom nightmares. in this game checkpoints would be lampstands which illuminate past the dream world onto a part of your room. there will be different monsters to defeat (for now they will be called nightmares.)

your character will be aided by either a floating light ball or a smartmouthed teddy bear not really sure at the moment.


another idea i have had was where you play as a zombie.

the goal is pretty simple. make it to the end without being killed. when your character kills someone they will become a zombie for  short period of time. the more you eat the stronger you level earning extra powers or moves. this will help your character get to places harder to reach than most (like a lever you cant reach to open a door , if leveled up a power to throw your arm you can reach it)


then there is a fighting game however i know this will take a very long time to make because i want to give the option to create your own fighter. would be able to save your character and fight with others or take on the story mode which will have platformer stile batteling the minions however fighting style for the main characters.


i know all of these will take alot of work and will probably need a full team to work on including voice actors and animators. i will do what ever i can to help along the way.  i know with a full team with fresh ideas and different skills we can pull off a few great hits and make a strong name for ourselves in  the gaming world

Deleting recent artworks

2013-12-04 15:28:53 by TrojanMan87

It would appear My recent works are frowned up on with this site granted it is what has been requested of me on fb and other sites. It may be a while before i post something else on here due to the requests i have been getting. Until next time. 


2013-11-25 12:52:09 by TrojanMan87

So i'm attempting to better myself watching tons of speed paintings Trying to learn the techniques. however the more i the more i realize I need a tablet lol. Maybe then It wont look like ive been drawing with a rock. guess i need the upgrade. only so much an off brand laptop can perform.
any good recommendations?


Sober and confused

2013-11-19 22:23:29 by TrojanMan87

so here i am.
sitting at my computer with photoshop open and a blank screen.
my cigs are out as well as the herbal.
i am sitting with the mouse in my hand.
what should i attempt to create?

I use a glitchy mouse with a low set opacity so i can build up my image like with a pencil. however as you see with most if not all my stuff. It doesn't make it very far. sure I am proud of what i have accomplished. though I still get the same blurry set up.
so I figure i would ask who ever decides to look at the news feed their advice aside from harder brush.

Any techniques willing to be shared.