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Thinking of going to college

2013-09-19 03:16:48 by TrojanMan87

I want to take my art to the next level. and maybe actually do something with it. like maybe for movie production or games. was wondering if any of you might have a recommendation.

Thinking of going to college


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2013-09-19 04:48:15

if its art related, then its likely going to not be worth your money, in the sense that a college isnt going to help you take it to "another level", there's plenty ways to go about doing that outside of school. unless you want to go into teaching. in creative fields, talent speaks for itself, not a piece of paper.

TrojanMan87 responds:

Ok that helps. When I say take it to the next level i mean in taking part of designing stuff for games movies ext . ext. I want to be able to get into a career of doing something i like doing. and not sure on how to go about getting into the fields. so i figured a college would help with that some how.


2013-09-19 20:18:38

generally you would just show your portfolio to a game developer, if they like what you have to offer then you're hired, regardless of what your credentials may be. I'm not sure if you do any animating, but on NG I'm sure some game developer could use your art as background textures and tiles and whatnot. with that said, college would probably improve your networking, give you a more organic opportunity to meet other individuals in the field, and open more doors to different kinds of projects. its just that the expenses of college are hard to swallow.

good picture btw

TrojanMan87 responds:

Thanks and I see where you are coming from . Hopefully ill be able to make a decent portfolio to get hired into something. I know absolutely nothing about animation other than it involves taking a load of pics and arranging them till it looks like something id moving.